Joy and Tom

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The wedding will take place on April 13, 2013
Thomas winks at Joy Thomas's coffee is steaming' Joy looks back at Thomas Joy's coffee is steaming too Thomas and Joy stare longingly at each other, a twinkle in each others eye
He wanted a new life, an adventure, a chance to become a… a…. well… um…. he’d figure out what he wanted to be once he got there… First! He had to choose where he could find the career of his dreams; the flip of a coin took him to Wisconsin, to the unknown, and to destiny!
She knew that she was ready for a life in the city. Gone were the days of wandering the lonely corn fields of Iowa amongst the windmills, gone the days of country life. She would seek her fortune and follow in her sibling’s footsteps to the mysterious and alluring city of Milwaukee!
Destiny didn’t exactly rear its head right away… Instead, he filled his schedule with classes that might help, studying the History of Food, dabbling in wii Olympics, and finally found a class that gave him direction, Visual Dynamics! At the urging of his heart he declared himself to be a graphic designer!
Graphic design was a foregone conclusion for her. What else could she be? The future in that field was as bright as the screen of her brand new Macbook Pro. With such tools as this at her command, she would finally discover the secrets of Facebook typography, hierarchy, and stylish design.
He wasn’t prepared for the sheer terror of carpooling with a distracted woman. He gripped the blue seats of her ‘91 Buick with white knuckles; searching for the certain collision that lurked around every turn. Most days, he would have kissed the ground upon arrival if not for the art classes that awaited him at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.
Driving to classes downtown were a bore, but the people watching was top notch. The hipsters at MIAD were so much more interesting to observe with their thick-rimmed glasses and doily shirts than most of the people at CUW. At least she had someone to talk to about the strange world that they got to visit twice a week on the way there and back.
She was nice, but not his type. Strange accents, being fun, and laughing? Weird. He could never date her and when she said the same to him, he put the possibility of anything “more” between them out of his mind.
He was fun, but in a friendly, cousin kinda way. She could never date him, and told him as much. Thankfully he felt the same. At least she didn’t have to worry about their friendship getting awkward, or worse, serious.
He hadn’t seen her in a while; she wasn’t even in graphic design any more. She had some tickets to a dance and didn’t want it to be a date, so of course he’d go. She was fun to dance with, but he thought she might have other motivations; after all, he had been working out.
She didn't want him to get the wrong idea, but really wanted to go to the dance, plus she had 2 free tickets. He’d be a good date too, because they were such good friends. She was glad that guys and girls could still have fun without all of that “other” stuff.
He’d worked in I.T. for a while, but the she showed up and decided to try it out. He’d help her fix things, but when they worked at the same time it was actually pretty fun. He even found himself visiting the office more often when she happened to be working by herself.
She needed some easy cash, so of course fixing computers was the way to go. Some friends had worked there before, so how hard could it be? Plus, he just so happened to work there too, and it was always fun to work with friends.
How could he say no to a baseball game? After all, it is America’s pastime. When the ticket booth man commented on her beautiful smile, he couldn't help but agree with him… at least on the inside. Why hadn't he noticed that before?
She got free tickets again, this time to a Brewers game, and of course she’d ask him if he wanted to go. He was patient and made her laugh all the time, suddenly she got the feeling that she wanted to spend more time with him; not just at work, and not just as friends…
He was always on campus for Winterem, but now it was different; she was there. He was befuddled by all of it. Should he say something? No… Yes…. Finally found his moment on the snow-covered beach of Lake Michigan. He could have drawn lines from Shakespeare, Keats, or Wilde, but instead he croaked, “Soo… what’s going on with me and you?”
She was stuck on campus for Winterem classes, but he was around. She could never tell him the way she felt… Too bad her friends were determined to make things clear. Then on a snowy night he said those words and totally caught her off guard… “I think you know what’s going on” was all she could say. Was their friendship ruined? Was it a mistake? Well, she thought, it was worth a shot.
They finally graduated in May and were now ready to take on whatever came their way together! The world was their oyster, but they needed to find jobs first. He got a job designing hats, and she… well she worked a day at Alterra, a week at a bankrupt Verizon store, and finally found an amazing job as a corporate receptionist. They were officially independent!
He proposed to her on a bright Sunday afternoon on the rooftop of a tea-house garden… but he did it with a fake ring. She was totally heartbroken at seeing the tiny hint of a band, but she said that she loved it anyway. Pulling the real ring from his pocket, she let out a whoop of relief and excitement and when she finally could talk again, she said yes.

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